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Free shipping for orders above S$80. Delivery dates are on Wednesday and Saturday. 

Please place your orders at least 2 days before delivery date.

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Designed to fit
your busy lifestyle

Yao Premium Fish Collagen Broth is designed to fit into busy lifestyles. Offering quality, convenience and

versatility, Yao makes it easy to nourish your family and care for yourself.

Yao’s products do not contain preservatives. There are no additives, no added salt, and no added sugar.

broth at home

To consistently deliver the same deep flavour of a restaurant-quality broth that only takes minutes to reheat and serve at home took many months of product development, Yao’s formulation contains only fish cartilage, pork bone, old mother hen, Jinhua ham, conch and water.


The broth is simmered for over 6 hours before it is cooled, packaged, then frozen.

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